Longing – For Clarinet and Piano


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One afternoon in early March 2020 I decided to write a short, simple clarinet piece. It was a personally motivated project, meant to provide me with practice materials (I had recently picked up a clarinet and was not very far in the learning process yet). Being a composer I tend to write some of my own lesson materials!

Then as March unfolded and with it came COVID-19 and the resulting nationwide quarantine, this piece began to take on new meaning and I chose to name it “Longing”. This piece to me is filled with longing. A longing to go sit in a packed cafe and see lots of people. A longing to go to concerts and enjoy good music. A longing to sing in choir. A longing to go chat, face to face with my friends. A longing to get back to normal life.

Then a couple days into quarantining, a friend of mine suggested we try performing the piece, together, but from our own homes. Through the Acapella app we were able to create the first recording of this piece. Enjoy “Longing”.


Perusal Score